Westbourne’s housing need

In October 2018, all households in Westbourne received a housing need survey carried out by Chichester District Council on behalf of Westbourne Parish Council. We have now published the results and key findings below. Chichester District Council received back 339 surveys representing an amazing 31% of the households in the Parish of Westbourne.

Key findings

The survey has demonstrated a number of interesting facts and correlations; principally, that there is a greater need for affordable housing in the parish area than had been identified by the council’s housing register. The survey results have identified a housing need of 53 units, of which the tenure breakdown is shown below:

  • Market units – 7
  • Affordable rent units -32
  • Shared Ownership – 10
  • Starter Homes -1
  • Rent to Buy – 3

Listed below is a summary of the main housing need that has been identified:

  • Younger household needs:
  • For affordable rented tenure:
    • 1 bedroom flats/houses
    • 2 bedroom houses
  • For first time buyers:
    • 2/3 bedroom houses
  • Downsizing accommodation
  • For affordable rented tenure:
    • 1/2 bedroom bungalow’s
  • Private market housing:
    • 2/3 bedroom houses/bungalows

Full report: Housing Need Survey

Westbourne’s housing need

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