The Westbourne Community Trust (WCT) has been formed for the benefit of all in the community of Westbourne, Woodmancote and Aldsworth to promote the social, economic and environmental interests of the people who live or work there. Membership of Westbourne Community Trust is primarily open to people who live or work in the area, but is also open to anyone who just wishes to support the Trust’s aims and objectives.

Registered with the Financial Conduct Authority, the Westbourne Community Trust is a community-led organisation run by volunteers. As a community organisation, our Membership and our Board are drawn from the local community. Members can participate in the election of the Board of the Westbourne Community Trust.

The Board consists of between 5 and 12 Trustees and will direct the activities of the Trust in accordance with its Objects and Rules. Trustees are elected for a period of three years. As a member or a trustee you undertake to support the WCT’s approach, values and principles. There are no automatically recurring payments for membership. Once you have completed your application, and it has been accepted, you will receive your £1 share certificate/s by email. Please note: as a Community Benefit Society your voting rights are limited to 1 vote per person not per share.


Membership cost: £1 per share
I support the objectives of the Westbourne Community Trust and wish to apply to become a member. By completing this I agree to the Terms and Conditions of Membership and our Code of Conduct.

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