Individual residents commented on a number of different things and therefore the number of comments listed below exceeds the total number of individual responses received.

Things that residents liked How many residents liked them
Affordable rents 13
Improved parking in Mill Road 12
Improved and/or retained play facilities 12
Homes for local people 9
Appearance of housing 8
Social housing in perpetuity 6
For young people 5
New link to school 5
Improved security to park and residents 3
Compactness or location of development 2
Mix of unit sizes 2
Does not affect existing gardens 2
Facilities for allotments 1
Ecology improvement/conservation 1
Low height of buildings 1
Perpendicular parking in Mill Road, Option 1 4
Parallel parking in Mill Road, Option 2 1
One-bedroom houses, Option 1 8
One-bedroom flats, Option 2 0


Things that residents disliked How many residents disliked them
Loss of green space 5
Lack of parking for allotments 2
More development in the village 2
Disruption during construction 2
Not enough parking 3
Additional traffic in Mill Road 2
Mix of unit sizes 2
Not enough houses 1
Central space for housing not necessary 2
Too much parking 1
Possibility that it will lead to further development in the park or on the allotments 1
No parking provision outside a specific house on Mill Road 1
Location of development 2
Appearance / materials proposed for housing 1
Access to driveway blocked 1
Outside planning policy 1
Not enough play facilities 1
Route of path to the school 1
Lack of security to school gate 1
Building too high / too large 1
Loss of views 1
Lack of consultation 1

In addition to the comments about the things that residents “liked” and “disliked” there were additional general comments and suggestions as listed below.

Other comments made by residents Number of residents making this comment
Include more renewable energy/sustainable construction 2
Include a public toilet for the park 2
Allocation of houses should allow for key workers 2
Allocation of houses should include working people 2
Provide a track around the outside of the park for running / cycling 1
Parking in Mill Road should be addressed prior to development taking place 1
Include a grass football pitch 1
Concern that the extra parking in Mill Road will not be enough 1
Who owns the land? 1
Include see-saw and sandpit 1
Maximise the park area 1
Where else can dogs be walked other than Monks Hill open space? 1
Is this development on the flood plain? 1
Traffic flow and parking for the school should be improved 1
Additional parking and path to school unlikely to affect school traffic and parking 1
More infrastructure needed in the village e.g. Doctors 1
Ground floor flats should be for elderly / disabled 1

Pupils at Westbourne Primary School submitted their designs and ideas for the new playground and the type of equipment they would like to see provided.  The best submission in each year group was selected by the Trust’s architects, MH Architects of Chichester. Prizes were awarded at the start of the new term by agreement with the Head Teacher.   All of the submissions have been analysed to provide an indication of the type of equipment that children would like to see provided and the results are shown below.

Equipment preferred by pupils for the park Number of pupils
Smaller normal slide 101
Zip Wire 96
Roundabout 68
Sea saw 68
Climbing frame 46
Swing 46
Monkey Bars 43
Baby swings 19
Donut swing (tyre) 19
Skate Park 17
Sports or football pitch 14
Bench 13
Bin 10
Sand pit 9
Stepping or wooden stones 7
Fitness equipment 4
Rope hanging 4
Spinning seats 4
Sprinklers in the ground 4
Toilet 4
Trampolines in the ground 4
Wobbly bridge 4
Basketball or net court 3
Dog area/ramps for dogs/hurdles for dogs 3
Bike shed 2
Chess area 2
Maze 2
Play shed/house 2
Rugby posts 2
Ball game wall 1
Bouncy horse 1
Cricket pitch 1
Dogs waste bin 1
Foam 1
Indoor swimming pool 1
Ninja area 1
Picnic bench 1
Ping pong table 1
Pole slide 1
Ski stepper 1
Water park 1


Details of Consultation Responses to Mill Road Scheme